Chiggers and ‘Skeeters and Gamers… Oh My!

As I said, some friends from college and I got together for a week. This is a quasi-annual event that we’ve referred to as CabinCon for forever, and this was the first one where all seven of us were together again since college. Not only does this give us the perfect setting play non-stop board games, it also serves as a reminder that we’re all growing old up. It seems like every gathering has a new marriage or a new child on the way. Hell, there was even a heart attack since the last one. It was just something that kept flittering about in the back of my mind. We’re getting old.
But to counter that feeling of age, we played a bajillion board games. And when I say board games, I don’t mean these crappy games of random chance like Parchisi or Sorry. I’m talking high-brain games. Power Grid, El Grande, Carcassonne. Complicated games of strategy and back-stabbing. (No offense intended if you happen to think that Sorry and Parchisi are fun games. They’re just not for me. I’m just not a fan of games that rely on chance and require no skill at all, like Deal or No Deal.)
Not to spend all of our time inside, though, three of us went Geocaching one afternoon. I’d never been, and wanted to give it a try. It reminded me of many days of my youth, trampling through unspoiled forest. The next day, it reminded me of my youth even more when I discovered forty-one chigger bites scattered across my legs and arms. Throw those on top of the fifteen mosquito bites I’d acquied while trying to fish and you’ve got one itchy Stuckey.
To complete our rebellion against maturity, we spent the entire week mocking each other in typical manly fashion. This is almost as much fun as all the gaming, because we’re a pretty witty bunch.
When it was all done with, I was saddened to see us scatter again. More time passes between each gathering, and more miles creep between us with each year. (One of us lives in Japan.) It makes me wonder if we’ll ever get all seven together again, or if, maybe, we’ll actually grow up.

3 thoughts on “Chiggers and ‘Skeeters and Gamers… Oh My!”

  1. lenfercestlesautres

    Oh I love Carcassonne! (don’t know the other ones)
    I know the scattering problem… On the other hand it means you know people everywhere you go 🙂

  2. CapricornCringe

    Hope you took your camera with you – or is taking pictures of your friends not manly? I’m not sure. It sounds like a fun week.

    Somehow I pictured 7 guys sitting around playing Candyland. I’m not sure why.

  3. Virginia Belle

    chiggers = reason #83 why i am a self-described “indoor girl”

    41??? that’s pretty close to my own personal hell.

    glad you had fun, though.

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