Clothed Wednesday

I don’t really have anything to bare today. No soul-stirring, heart-tugging story. My biggest confession right now is that I bought a bag of “fun sized” Baby Ruth’s this morning and put them in my desk drawer, and SOMEONE ate all of them! I don’t know who that someone was… but I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime and I’m actually feeling a little ill right now…
Anyways… I called Crash-into-Me back. (You remember her, right? The girl who kept swaying into me to get my attention and then seemed totally uninterested on our date?) I called because I told her I would, not because I was really interested in going out again. Well, she sounded excited that I called, and very enthusiastic about getting together again. So I have no idea what’s going on. Because of her enthusiasm, I decided to give her a second date instead of the original plan of thanking her for the date and traveling down our separate roads. I’m not usually a fan of second chances, but lately I’ve begun to scrutinize that policy. Why?
Because there is this girl from my past that made me look twice at my no-second-chance rule. I’m not sure she wants a second chance, or even if I want one, really, but I will say that she was probably the most caring and non-fake person I’ve ever dated. *shrug* I’m not going to hope, though, because hope is a dangerous emotion. I’ll just ride along and see what happens.
In other news, my roommate moves out in two days. You didn’t even know I had a roommate, did you? I don’t talk about him because he doesn’t really get on my nerves (with the small exception that I won’t bring a girl home if he’s home, although I don’t really know why I don’t). But he’s moving out and going back to school and I wish him the best. I’m also looking forward to cleaning the hell out of house in the coming weeks, finishing up a few home improvement projects I’ve been ignoring, and then working on the yard. (I might also be looking forward to bringing a girl home, if the situation presents itself.)
But I am finished with roommates. Never again will I take in a friend who needs a place to stay while they get back on their feet. In celebration of this proclamation, I think I need to throw a house party. Don’t you?

3 thoughts on “Clothed Wednesday”

  1. If you arent really into the Crash into you gal you should let her know early on – instead of just going with the flow – I’m not a fan of leading ppl on and sometimes it seems the mildest action can – BUT I do have good hopes for giving her a second chance – Sometimes most ppl need one unless they utterly disgust you or did you wrong beyond belief. And the other second chance gal – wish you all the best with that – fill is in on the ride someday 🙂

  2. CapricornCringe

    Ya know, Stuck, I’m a little down on my luck and need a place to crash so I can get back on my feet ….

    Just testing your new policy 😉

    I think it’s good to go on second dates. Sometimes the first date just doesn’t click like it should but a second date will tell you more.

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