Naked Wedensday Thirteen

I’m still not sure that I’m comfortable getting naked in front of my seven or eight readers, but I did promise that I’d try, and I will always live up to my promises. So what I’m going to do is combine Naked Wednesday with Thursday Thirteen and reveal seven or so facts (because thirteen might be a bit too many) about myself that I hide, whether through modesty or shame.
1) I view women as the weaker sex. This does not mean that I don’t respect them. It just means that I see women as needing to be protected. It’s how I was raised, and I will probably always see the world this way, no matter how strong a woman my mother is. (And my mother is the strongest woman in the world.)
2) I am chronically unable to arrive at work on time. I don’t know what ti is, but I just HAVE to have that extra five minutes of blessed sleep, which inevitibly puts me five minutes behind. Not one to steal from my employer, I make this five minutes up by cutting my lunch breaks short.
3) I have nightmares almost every night. Vivid, terrible nightmares that will wake me up covered with sweat and panting. I have to replace my pillow almost every two months because of the sweat stains on it.
4) I do not like talking with people who don’t know me. I’m not a talkative person to begin with, but I am afraid that a stranger will not understand my warped sense of humor and be completely offended by something I say. It’s not that I care what they think about me, but more because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
5) In college, I stepped in the way of a guy who was about to punch his girlfriend and I took the hit for her. I believe that this is oe of the noblest things I’ve ever done. I then put that guy in a wheelchair for several months. I believe that this is one of the most shameful things I’ve ever done.
6) I enjoy being alone in the house, but there are times when I wish there was a woman in another room, doing her own thing and not needing my attention. That would be comforting.
7) I once gave a homeless person a Bible and told him everything he needed was inside. My friends thought I was being a little cruel to him, but they didn’t know that I’d put a fifty dollar bill and at the beginning of Exodus. I had forgotten all about this encounter until three years later, a man sent me a letter thanking me. (I had written my name in the Bible, and he had looked me up based on the fact that I mentioned I was from Columbia.) He used that money to buy a bus ticket to see his daughter, who helped him get back on his feet, and he was on currently his way to becoming a preacher. I still have this letter sealed away, and plan on using it as evidence when Saint Peter hesitates at my name on Judgement Day.
8) I believe, with all of my heart, that some woman out there is missing out on the amount of love I have to give her. It will be a damned shame if I end up giving all this love to a puppy instead. I think I will be just as happy either way. 😉

4 thoughts on “Naked Wedensday Thirteen”

  1. 1) I’m such an independent woman, but at time, I wish people would see me as weaker than I really am. It’s hard to be so strong.

    2) If you find a cure, let me know.

    8) Awwww factor of 10. I don’t think you’d actually be just as happy with a puppy.

  2. CapricornCringe

    It’s probably #5 that will be the deciding factor when St Peter is staring at you.

    As for the puppy, I think you should get one now. Then use the puppy as chick-bait. 🙂

  3. I speak for myself (and possibly many other women) when I say that I have a constant battle between womanly independence, and the fact that I really do want someone that will take care of me.

    2. I’ve been chronically 5 minutes late ever since I was changed from hourly to salary. Coincidence?

    3. you should try watching or reading something happy just before bed… like teletubbies… ew, no… more nightmares…

    4. I test the waters before I decide if I can talk to someone new as a)myself or b)a polite stranger that will never be anything more.

    5. Wow I read that totally wrong the first time… at first, I thought it said you stepped out of the way when someone was going to punch you and he punched a girl…… then I read it more thoroughly

    7. That’s hilarious! and heartwarming!

    8. If you need a puppy, you know who to see…. but there are some things that a puppy just cannot fulfill… definitely a chick magnet, though.

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