One Hour Behind

While I got my full six hours of sleep last night, I still feel like my day is off somehow. While many people, including myself, will agree that six hours isn’t a full night of sleep, it’s my normal length of sleep for a school night. I sleep longer on weekends. Well, usually I sleep longer. Last weekend was different, and that might be why things feel off today.
Friday night, I had big plans. I was supposed to see a movie, catch a concert, and have a date with a girl when she finished working the night shift. Being creative, I was planning to combine the concert and the date into a concert-date. (I normally dont’t like doing this, because concerts are loud and I’m already half-deaf from too many loud concerts… but conversation isn’t my strong point anyway, so I figured a concert wouldn’t hurt.)
I met my friends at the theater and we went to see 300, which is based on a Frank Miller comic, which was loosely based on history’s Battle of Thermopylae. Aside from historical inaccuracy, I enjoyed this movie. There was a lot of fighting and, despite nothing blowing up, it was a great action flick. They also had a Spiderman 3 trailer, which just gives me a tingling sensation in my pants… Two things about the movie bothered me, though. The first is that there were too many damned mutants. A deformed Spartan, an army of deformed ninjas… it’s just too much. The second was that there was too much slow-motion nakedness. Don’t get me wrong, I like naked chicks just as much as the next guy. But I don’t need artsy nakedness in my action movie. Not to mention the thirty seconds of female nakedness was sort of offset by the rest of the movie, which was a festival of homo-eroticism. (In the comic, the Spartans were all naked. At least they wore short shorts in the movie.) On a 5-star scale, I give it a 4.5. I’ll probably buy it when it comes out.
After the movie, I didn’t have too much time to run home and get ready for my concert-date, and I was a little worried that I’d be late. (“Late,” to me, means “on time,” since I usually arrive everywhere too early.) Lucky for me, my date called me as I was driving and cancelled our plans. (Wait, did I say lucky?) Not one to let a chick get me down, I drove on to the concert.
My biggest complaint about downtown is parking. There’s a cluster of awesome places to hang out, and hardly any parking spaces for them. And then there are the businesses that close before nightfall, where you’re never sure if you’re allowed to park there or not. I parked on a street four blocks away and walked, rather than risking the closed business spot that was right across the street.
I had never been to Headliners before, which surprises me as much as I like live music, and I was a little nervous about the place as I went in. Not because I feared for my safety or anything, but because I walked past the thumping bass of two dance clubs that shared the adjacent spaces within the same building. I don’t want my concert music to be overlapped by house music. Once the show started, though, I couldn’t notice it at all. Only between songs could I pick it up.
The show was great, as it always is with Josh. Towards the end of the night, I noticed that the girl next to kept bumping into me while she was dancing/swaying to the music. She apologized every time, though. After the fifth bump or so, I noticed that she had plenty of space to dance in the other direction, and began to wonder if these bumps were intentional. Being an idiot, I turned and, with a smile, asked her, “Are you trying to strike up a conversation, or are you actually unaware of your proximity to me?” She smiled back and paused for a second (My guess is that she was trying to figure out what the word ‘proximity’ meant, and then answered “Yes.” (*sigh* Well, which is it?) Anyway… after a little small talk, I got her number.
I ended up going to sleep about 4:30 in the morning, and was hating life when my alarm went off at 10:30. While six hours is plenty during the work-week, I want at LEAST eight on a weekend. (Maybe six is enough during the week because I take naps?) I considered turning to alarm off, but I had plans to drive to to Heroes and Dragons and embrace my geekiness for six hours. There was a Warhammer Fantasy tournament, and I enjoy playing the game. (I placed third out of fourteen.) I was flat-out exhausted by evening, and had discovered that the Chris Conner benefit concert was sold out, so I went home. As tired as I was, though, I couldn’t go to sleep, so I dorked around the house until about 3:00, when I finally collapsed into bed.
My father called me around 10:00 and woke me up, thus shafting me out of my eight hours, and then President Bush shafted me out of another hour while I was asleep! (What the hell good does it do to move Daylight Savings time up three weeks? It was freaking dark at 7:30 last night!) I stumbled to the shower and turned on the cold water. Nothing wakes me up better than a cold shower. (Well, nothing wakes me up better than a hot woman… but a cold shower is around every morning.) Once I was awake, I headed over to the parents’ house out in the country for some lunch and some help in doing my taxes. It’s almost embarassing to say it, but my dad has always done them for me because I never bothered to look at them. This year, though, I sat with him and went through each box step by step. Taxes are a lot simpler than I ever imagined they would be.
So now it’s Tuesday, and I’ve not had a day to be a total bum, sleep late, and sit around doing nothing in two weeks. This weekend looks like it wil be no better, with a date, a bachelor party, and a hockey game already on the agenda…

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  1. I think we’re the 2 busiest peoples in bloggieland. *trying to remember slow-mo nakedness in 300* Good job on the pickup. Hmm… sway and bump into boy. I might have to steal that one.

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