Spreading the Word

Where am I going to be this weekend? Headliners.
Tonight, at Headliners, Josh Roberts and the Hinges will be playing. Besides all his talent, I went to high school with Josh, and he’s a really cool guy. Even back when he sang nothing but Neil Young covers and the lead part in our high school production of Grease, he was a cool guy. 😉 If you like Southern Rock at all, get your ass to Headliners tonight.
And tomorrow night, for that matter. I love to support local music, but tomorrow night is about supporting local people. Tomorrow night, at Headliners, is a benefit show for Chris Conner of The South. There will be a crap-ton of local names there, such as Danielle Howle, Josh Roberts, and Ryan Monroe. Can Headliners even hold that much talent? They’ll be well over their talent-quota. Come out and help fight cancer. It’s $20 at the door, and it’s a smoke-free show.
I’ve also got to squeeze in a date (yeah, with a girl!), a celebration of geekdom, and doing my taxes somewhere in between.

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Word”

  1. I want to hear about the date (with the girl).

    And I’m not bitter!

    (I’m having a lot of fun with that one, thanks)

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