What the Hell??? I Done Got Tagged!

I suppose I had it coming. I got tagged. I didn’t exactly ask for it, but I guess it could count as hint-dropping.
~Moi~ has assigned me the task of telling you what I’m reading. I am a bit of a spaz when it comes to books, and usually am reading more than one at a time. Currently, I’ve got bookmarks in three different books.
Crossroads of Twilight, by Robert Jordan – Book Ten in an epic series called The Wheel of Time. I have to confess, that this series pretty much sucks after book three, but I bought all the books ahead of time, and he has two characters that I absolutely love, and want to find out what happens to them in the end. (And if he kills Perrin, I’m gonna write a stern letter.)
On Writing, by Stephen King – I think along the same lines as Mr. King, when it comes to tools and writing, and I re-read this book probably once a year.
Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand – I’ll be honest with you. This bookmark hasn’t moved in the eight years I’ve owned the book. I can’t get past the first chapter. It’s a book that I will pick up to read if I can’t sleep. Spare me your intellectual-herd nonsense. I’ve read hundred of books that are “intellectual” and better written than this. This chick just can’t tell a story. It’s like watching a Thin Red Line, except in print.
The really interesting thing about my love of reading is that I’m dyslexic. I’m not supposed to like it. It’s supposed to be hard for me. But there is never a time when there isn’t a book on my nightstand.
Now… who do I tag? I’ve never done this before. Am I required to send a certified letter, informing them that they’ve been tagged?
– Matilda Jane, because I want to know what that hippe with boy-haircut reads.
One Girl, because I bet she doesn’t have time for reading with all those clothes taking up her attention.
CapricornCringe, because I don’t want to leave out the bitter lesbian demographic portion of my readers.
DISCLAIMER – While I mock them, I do so out of love. MJ has fabulous hair (That’s right! A straight man just said ‘fabulous.’ I’m taking it back!) and her politics parallel my own in many areas. OG looks fabulous in her trendy New York outfits. Cap is fabulously bitter, and very funny about it, much like me, and since I like women too, I can’t fault her. 😉

Anyways, it’s Naked Wednesday. (I don’t have a link handy.) I’m still recovering from getting naked the last time, so I’m going to keep my clothes on today, but I will say that I think it was therapuetic. I’m going to try to get naked every Wednesday from here on out, and maybe you guys (I’m sorry… I meant to say y’all… I’m being converted!) will begin to see how much like a Lifetime movie my life really is. (If Lifetime ever does make a movie about me, though, I’m going to riot if they cast Markie Post or Meredith Baxter Birney as any of my female co-stars.)

3 thoughts on “What the Hell??? I Done Got Tagged!”

  1. Team Richardson

    Ayn Rand is good stuff. I don’t actually *read* her books as much as skim them. Her ideas make for some good conversation.

  2. CapricornCringe

    Try The Fountainhead first. I loved that book. I reread it occasionally. Atlas Shrugged was difficult to get into – I can’t argue that.

    And I’m NOT bitter. I’ve just been sucking on sour candy for a couple years 😉

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