No One Ever Tags Me…

…but I’m not going to let it get me down. OG and MJ both posted the first 10 songs in their MP3 shuffle list. Mine is always on shuffle, but I thought it might show the world the broad variety of music I listen to if I tagged myself and posted my first 10. So, after hitting the randomize playlist button five times in Winamp, here are my first ten:
1: Jambi, by Tool
2: Wicked Game, by Chris Isaak
3: Sentimental Crap, by Deadeye Dick
4: Trigger Hippie, by Morcheeba
5: Rodeo Clowns, by G Love and Special Sauce
6: Say It Ain’t So, by Weezer
7: Die Offenbarung, by Heimataerde
8: Anna Begins, by Counting Crows
9: Hate Me, by Blue October
10: Garden, by Lumin
The list has 376 songs in it.

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