It’s President’s Day! High-five!

I absolutely hate working on a day that almost everyone else has off. It’s been dead all day, and I could’ve caught up on some more sleep. I’m in such a foul mood that I don’t even want to write. So instead, I’m going to hit the highlights in advertisement format…
If you don’t mind being a Caucasian in an ocean of color, check out Hush some night. This little place rivals the Red Tub for me for laid back atmosphere. Of course, there was a sweet little jazzy R&B band playing Friday night, so it wasn’t exactly laid back. I didn’t mind.
If you like good food at good prices, check out Doc’s Gumbo Grille. I swear they have somebody’s grandmother locked in their kitchen, because they have the BEST apple pie ever made. No, I don’t want to hear how good your Aunt Martha’s pie is. This is the best. It’s so good you will jump up and kick your mother in the teeth. I’ve walked past this place a few nights and heard some good sounding Blues pouring out from one live band or another, and always wanted to check it out. After Friday night, I’m going to make it a point to stay for a show next time. Really… the pie will make you kick your mother in the teeth. If you plan on taking her with you, you may want to warn her in advance.
Virginia Belle has friends who know how to party. There were a crap-ton of people there, and not once did I feel out-of-place with them. Even when one of them decided to resurrect the high-five, much to MJ’s dismay. I’d like to party with these guys again… but maybe with less people so I can get to know them a little better.
Cigarettes do not cause cancer. I checked on the pack, and it doesn’t even MENTION cancer. Surely they would warn me if their product could lead to my untimely demise, right? They do, however, cause terrible, terrible coughing fits in a hot shower on Sunday morning after smoking an entire pack of Camel’s the night before. I think I may have to quit again. Or maybe get new lungs.
Sundays are for hangovers. It’s the Day of Rest because everyone knows you’re going to be so worn out from going non-stop for two days that you have to recover before going back to work. If it wasn’t for the hangover, I might actually feel a little rested today.

5 thoughts on “It’s President’s Day! High-five!”

  1. Cigarettes cause low birth weight. So if you plan on bearing children, you should probably quit. Just sayin’ …

  2. Lung replacement! Brilliant!!!

    That’s it… I’m just going to start incorrectly using the high-five to put people off….. you had to work yesterday? High Five! Me too!

    I’ve been to Hush a couple times… one time was a blast, the other, not so much. It’s hit or miss.
    Doc’s Gumbo Grill… LOVE IT! You will have to join VB and I the next time we go there for Loch Ness Johnny. I haven’t tried the pie. I’ll have to kick you in the teeth because my mom’s in NY.

  3. YAY i’m glad you had a good time.

    lungs should be like cars. you can abuse them all you want for 5 years. when they start going bad, trade ’em in and get a new one.

    i haven’t had the food at Doc’s. but that’s where loch ness johnny play. HIGH FIVE!!!

    in the future, please tend to your punctuation. your more grammatically-aware readers tend to get pissed off at errant apostrophes. thank you. 😛

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