The Phone Call & S.A.D. 2007

Matilda Jane is wondering why a guy, who promised he’d call, didn’t follow through. They went out. They clicked. They set up a second date. Then *poof* The Disappearing Man Trick.
Hollywood has joked about the dating phone call situation a bajillion* times. So much that men are even more confused about when they’re supposed to call, and when they’re not. They were already confused because each woman wants something different.
Call too early, and you risk looking desperate or needy. Call too late and you might look entirely disinterested. But to say you’re going to call, and then not, makes you look like an asshole no matter how you slice. Yes, it’s possible that you slipped in the shower and are in a soaking-wet coma, or maybe you slammed both your hands in a door and rendered all fingers useless for dialing a phone number… but it’s not bloody likely. Odds are, you’re an asshole. And how do you deal with an asshole? You wipe it clean, and toss the shit aside. (Hmmm… I should start an advice column. Ask Stuck!)
Having hit on that topic, it’s that time of year again. Singles Awareness Day is upon us. Whatever shall we do? (Aside from celebrate the fact that we don’t have to buy shit for someone.) I, for one, am giving serious consideration to attending a bachelor/bachelorette auction. Nothing says Happy Singles Awareness Day like buying your date. (I’m not planning on bidding on anyone, but a friend invited me and it sounds better than sitting around the house watching The Notebook and eating a gallon of ice cream.)
Where do the Unwanted of the World (read: singles) go on the night that celebrates couplehood?
*A Bajillion has so many zeroes after the one that to count them all would make your head explode.

5 thoughts on “The Phone Call & S.A.D. 2007”

  1. Hey, thanks for a little bit of input! I still wish I knew which of the theories was the true one… then again, what good does it do me to look like the crazy girl and call him out on it??? none, really.

    My girlfriends and I are having and anti-manentine’s day at one of the few restaurants in Columbia where I have not gone on a date… something totally un-romantic… and maybe some spitball target practice. Target = happy couples.

  2. lenfercestlesautres

    “Call too early, and you risk looking desperate or needy. Call too late and you might look entirely disinterested.”

    you think about this way too much.

  3. MJ – Happy couples shouldn’t be the target. Aim for the tables of cute single guys, because they’re the ones not dating all the Unwanteds. 😉

    Len – I think about everything too much. I blame women. Everything was simple until I started noticing they had boobies.

  4. I think most men just say they’ll call because they don’t want to seem rude..and then they’re nervously talking just to fill up the silence.

    For better or worse, I’ve never had a guy tell me he’ll call and not. They’ve all just said nothing. Of those, half called and half didn’t. LOL.

  5. Stuckey– you’ve brought up a very good point. every woman does want something different. i just wish more men would learn that. 🙂

    a good rule of thumb is to call on monday nights if you met the girl over the weekend. sunday nights are good, too, if you really clicked.

    just make sure to ask her out on that initial phone call, or else she will be scratching her head thinking, “WTF was the point of that???”

    then again, that’s me. LOL

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