Busy, Busy Beaver…

As some of you already know, the end of the month means lots and lots of work for me. This month, the printer started acting up, meaning we had to print these massive end-of-month reports all over again, only to discover that the printer screwed them up again. Anyway, I’ve been busy. The little free time I’ve had has been spent clamoring for the distraction of reading everyone else’s blogs instead of writing my own. My sidebar will be changing sometime soon to reflect my recent daily reads, and it’s already be altered just a little bit, but I’m not going to advertise what was changed, lest Virginia Belle make fun of me…
So today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to post a late Thursday Thirteen, blatantly stolen from VB. (No… I’ve stolen plenty of topic from her. Just not a Thursday Thirteen.)
13 Things Found in my Truck’s Glove Compartment (Prior to this morning’s Cleaning of it)
1) My Owner’s Manual – I figure most people keep their owner’s manual in their glovebox, but I actually reference mine.
2) A Hammer – You never know when something will need hammering.
3) A Pair of Leather Work Gloves – If you’re gonna hammer something, odds are high that you’ll probably end up lifting stuff, too.
4) A Small Notebook – Like my father, I keep track of mileage at almost every gas station fill-up, and track my gas mileage. Unlike my father, I also pull this out and scribble in it anytime an idea for writing comes to me. It can be one sentence that will find its way into a poem somewhere, or it can be an entire poem. There’s also two phone numbers in there without names. I have no idea who they belong to, or when I wrote them in.
5) A Tire Pressure Gauge – I’ve never used this once in my life, and I think I’ve owned it since 1992. If I want to check my tire’s pressure, I kick the tire. If it feels low, I put more air in it.
6) A Tape Measure – Handy for carrying in to a store when I get the hankering to impulse buy something that I need to make sure will fit somewhere.
7) A Grocery List from 2005 – It’s written in my own hand, and lists various things that can only be ingredients for a larger recipe, but I have absolutely no recollection of writing this list, or what these ingredients could possibly combine into. Since I never cook, this is doubly confounding.
8) A Hand-Drawn Map – Leading to the house of a woman I helped move, and then dated, who might just happen to be the basis for a certain character in The Nice Ass.
9) A Pine Air Freshener – A little cardboard tree in a plastic bag. It came in a pack of two and, after opening the first one and removing it completely from the plastic, I am terrified of opening this one. (The instructions, which I ignored, are very specific when they say DO NOT REMOVE ENTIRE AIR FRESHENER FROM PLASTIC.) Everything I wore smelled like pine tree for a week.
10) A Screwdriver – I’m always ready for a screw.
11) A Water Bill – Dated from three months ago, I had actually called the Water people and yelled at them because I’d never received the bill. I’m considering calling them back to apologize.
12) A Pack of Gum – Three beers are no match for the awesome breath-freshening power of Trident Wintergreen.
13) Seven (7) Lighters – Budding pyromaniac, or forgetful smoker? You be the judge!
Out of the above list, I removed only two items in my cleaning. Can you guess which two?

3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Beaver…”

  1. Well, I’m guessing at least one of the things you removed was the water bill.

    I subscribe to your school of thought when it comes to tire pressure.

  2. My guess is the water bill (so you can call them) and the grocery list. Everything else, you might conceivably need again one day.

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