A Question for my Readers

First, let me begin by saying that I love the fact that people comment. Comments mean that people are actually reading, and maybe even thinking about, what I say. While that’s also a little bit terrifying, it’s very enjoyable to know that people are thinking about what I have to say. (Even if it’s a very small base of people.) Now…
Why is it that almost all of my blog comments, public and private, come from women? Even when I was on MySpace, I noticed that almost every comment originated from someone lacking the Y chromosome, and usually, the entries about my love life (or lack thereof) were the ones that got the most.
I can understand why Viriginia Belle comments, and why some of my close friends will email me a comment or two. They’re friends. But other people, who I’m guessing came via a link from VB’s blog or one of my comments on someone else’s blog, sort of sneak in and post a comment out of nowhere. (I’m going to call them ninja-comments, since they appear out of nowhere, deliver their comment, and vanish in a puff of smoke.) Again, I don’t want to discourage these ninja-comments. I’m simply curious as to what draws you guys here.
From my own persepctive, all of the blogs I read are from links from VB or MJ, with the occassional click on a new link because I think that’s a really beautiful eye. And I guess I comment because I like to converse. I can imagine several friends laughing their asses off at that statement, but it’s true. I enjoy conversations that I feel like I can contribute to. I’ll throw in a joke or two, because I also enjoy making people laugh.
So, Reader, what brings you here? Yes, I’m talking to you. *point* You, the one who comes and increases the number of hits on my blog but never comments. I want to know how you got here, and what brings you back.

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  1. I’ve been stalking you since your MySpace days. I had to sign up to tell you I liked your blog. I still like it 🙂 What caught my attention was your writing style – not necessarily the subject matter.

    Can I go back to stalking silently now please? 😉

  2. Hello, I came across your blog from MJ’s blog (which I came across from VB’s blog and which I came across from Charming, but single’s blog). And this is actually my first time here and I’m a guy. I like the things you talk about and I found them quite insightful. I bookmarked your blog, so I’ll definitely read it again.

    Damn word verification.

  3. lenfercestlesautres

    I like the idea of vanishing in a puff of smoke 🙂

    I came here over your comments at, I think, MJ’s or VB’s page. No wait, I think it was One Girl. One of them. And I mean, your comments showed you’re thinking a lot and that you’re not the standard guy.

    And then there was your post about the Christmas decoration. I really liked that one, because I think the same way, because it was funny and because the way it was written was appealing to me.
    The latter applies to the rest of your blog, too.
    (and then there’s the comment with the keg… and the eye…)

    My blog commenting started when I started to stalk OG, I think. And over her blog I was introduced to a whole range of interesting other blogs.

    Oh, and I never get the word verification typed in right, either. It’s the third time I try.

  4. You have to sign up to comment? That must be some setting on my end, I guess.

    As for word verification, I’ve been thinking of turning it off because I always get it wrong on other sites.

    Anyways… thanks for answering. I always find it neat how people clicking away on the Internet can lead them to new places.

  5. As for how I got to your blog, you told me about it. As for what keeps me reading, it’s your wit, your entrancing,entertaining writing style, and your views on the world (surprisingly similar to a few of the reasons I count you as a great friend). That plus, you have a refreshing ability both in print & in person to make me laugh out loud!

  6. I think i’ve left a comment here before…so I’m really not a ninja, but I usually comment on blogs that I have something to say because they have an interesting perspective.
    Or because I’m bored. Or both.

  7. Well I got here through one of your comments on VB’s blog. Thought it was funny how you described packaging your junk. I read hers cause she is funny and its great to hear of her opinions and happenings in the dating world. Its always good to read a guys opinion too. So that is why I came here. I wasnt going to comment until you pointed at me haha…

  8. *raises fist into air*

    damn those cursed lurkers!!! damn them all!!!

    actually, Stuckey, i think you are simply talking about a large gender gap: women, stereotypically enjoy talking about emotions and relationships. women like to talk in general. we’re a very verbal species.

    men, on the other hand, tend to avoid thinking about/acknowledging/listening to talk about feelings and emotions, and especially relationships. men like gadgets and silence. they are thinkers and tinkerers.

    somehow, Stuckey, you manage to straddle the two camps. this is one of the things i find really interesting about you. you are the only “thinker/tinkerer” i know who likes to talk about relationships. a lot.

    it’s cool. i like people who like to learn about stuff. probably because i’m one of those people.

    and no, it doesn’t mean you are girly or anything like that. it’s actually very healthy for you to acknowledge and analyze feelings. maybe not to the extent that women do (seriously, we are obsessed with it to the point of absurdity sometimes), but at least you are thinking about it. you recognize that part of being human means you’re going to have to deal with inter-personal relationships and the emotions that come about from these social connections. men don’t typically act like that, so they are going to stick to more “manly” blogs about gadgets or technology. or even news and politics. as far as women are concerned, what you are writing about is right up their alley.

    i always say, “men want to know how things work and women want to know how people work.”

    you want to know about both. you are into computers and dating. you know about tools and relationships. in this way, you are sort of a renaissance man.

    just my 2cents

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