Lazarus… Come forth…. and shake that Nice Ass…

MySpace stalkers that followed me over here, rejoice! I have decided to renew my efforts on The Nice Ass, and have reposted the first 13 chapters. Chapter 14 has been written, scrubbed, re-written, scrubbed again, and is now being re-written. Why, one might ask, would I need to re-write a chapter if it’s based on actual events? Exactly that. Because they are based on actual events, and actual people. I do embellish sometimes, and omit others, because I want to protect the innocent (and the guilty). When I first started writing, I would have several friends asking me “Well, who is this character?” and I even had one tell me that she did NOT act like that. So I kept trying to be careful about what I wrote, because I didn’t want to hurt feelings. I’ve decided that this is a bad idea, though, because I’ve never been known to withhold honesty.
For those of you who have no idea what The Nice Ass is about… you’ve got the link above, and the link to My Other Blog, in the sidebar. (One day, I might actually link the other, OTHER blog, but I’m afraid that might scare some people away. After all, who the heck writes an in-character story from the perspective of their D&D character?)
Other than that, there is not much blogworthy going on. I’m watching the clock until five o’clock so I can go home and take a nap. Tonight, I’m going out with Giggles and The Kid for a Blowout Birthday Extravaganza. (Mine was December 21, hers is January 21, and The Kid’s is March 21st.) I think I’m going to need the nap. Tomorrow, of course, is VB’s Housewarming party, which I still haven’t purchased a gift for. (VB, would you rather have a Lowe’s gift card or a Bloodbath & Beyond gof card?)
So there you have it… a boring Friday afternoon. I now return you to your regularly scheduled workday.

2 thoughts on “Lazarus… Come forth…. and shake that Nice Ass…”

  1. Hi, there. Thanks for coming by my site! I’m trying to catch up on reading and return the favor. Nice blog! I hope you’re having a good weekend.

  2. well, crap. i guess i’m late on this one.

    you don’t have to get me anything, sweetie. lugging that giant box up my driveway was plenty of help, trust me!!!!!

    i am going to have to catch up on Nice Ass. i think i’m a couple of chapters behind at this point. no pun intended.

    do you seriously write a blog where you speak in-character? and it’s a D&D character??

    you know i will tease you incessantly about this, right?

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