The First Three Things…

In a conversation with one of my quasi-therapists, read “friend who I don’t pay to therapize (Made up word!),” I brought up something that’s been bothering me a lot lately. I asked if I was too cynical. Now, a real therapist would respond to a question like that with another question, such as “Do you think you’re too cynical?” which is exactly why I don’t pay for a therapist. Of course I think I am. I’m asking what you think! Now gimme back my $600!
Why do I think I’m too cynical? Probably because I see the worst in everything, and in everyone. If I don’t see it right away, I look for it. It really limits how close I can get to someone. I had reached these conclusions myself, and my quasi-therapist basically restated them for me.
But my quasi-therapist followed up with a suggestion. I have been given the homework assignment of, every day, writing down three things that happened which I am grateful for. When I started writing this, I thought I’d just drop three things down and be done with it. Little did I know that this would be challenging. So here goes…
1) I am glad that my quasi-therapist offered something that I perceive as useful advice, instead of just saying something flippant like “Be happier, dumb ass!”
2) I had an IM conversation with someone that I, until recently, never expected to hear from again, and I am glad she is willing to speak with me again.
3) I am thankful that the rock, which was kicked up off the highway by an 18-wheeler in front of me this morning, did not manage to come all the way through my windshield, because if it had, I probably would’ve died.
That last one, while it sounds like I just threw it in there, is something I actually am grateful for. It’s small evidence that the world is not out to get me. Or maybe it’s evidence that the world IS out to get me, but my truck, in its undying desire to protect me, deftly threw its windshield in the way of certain death. In that case, I am simply grateful to have a loyal truck.

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