Merry Christmas

I’ve made it through another Birthday and Christmas, and now get to look forward to New Year’s with a smile.
My birthday was mostly uneventful this year. My co-workers made a tremendous fuss about it, primarily because they knew it would annoy me, and a few friends called to wish me a happy one. And then I went to dinner at Monterrey’s with the Fisherman and his wife for a low-key evening. No one tried to force any presents on me, which was a vast improvement from the previous year.
Christmas was also a surprise. Usually, my mother will start demanding I supply her with a Christmas list in early November. My lists are very specific, to the point of listing actual model numbers of any electronics I want, or providing exact web addresses for items to ease the acquisition process. My problem with this has always been that she would take this list, and my father, to the store. Once at the store she would go straight to an item on the list, and then discuss with my father whether or not I actually wanted that particular item. Most times, they will decide I don’t want that, and get the next model up. Sometimes, though, they will use this list to generate ideas on other things I would like.
The biggest problem is that I am hard to shop for. I’m the sort of person who will buy something when I decide I want it, rather than waiting for December in the hopes of someone else buying it for me. There are a few purchases that I’ll put off, but it’s usually because I’m not sure I really want it. The secondary problem is that she wants to surprise me. So anyway, back to my mother and her gift-giving neurosis…
Some examples of her gift-subsitutions from previous years:
I asked for a toaster oven and got a crockpot. (wtf? Can you make toasted pimento cheese sandwiches in a crock pot?)
I asked for a full-length leather duster and got a coat that was too small. (I guess she thought I just didn’t have a coat… and wanted to look like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.)
I asked for a specific model of DVD player, and got the next most expensive model. (Which wouldn’t play MP3s, the sole reason I picked the other model.)
I could go on, but you get the idea. This year, though, I sat down with mom and made it clear that I have everything I really need, and don’t want anything since it will just clutter my house even further. She did a little digging and I finally conceeded that there might be a few things I could use, such as new tires on my truck and maybe a new mailbox since my little mail-door thing was starting to rust off.
I got new tires and a new mailbox. I got some other random stuff, but nothing that will cause clutter and nothing that I won’t use. So thank you, Mom and Dad, for the best Christmas gifts I’ve had in several years. Maybe next year you guys could get me that toaster oven?

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  1. that is too funny. your mom cracks me up.

    my mom’s presents are hit or miss. i either love it to pieces, or hope it will break so i can throw it away.

    i wish someone would tell her to stop buying me jewelry. she just doesn’t get my taste.

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