Decisions… Decisions…

Do I go to Z-Day in Columbia or Spectral Erosa in Augusta?
Spectral Erosa is a monthly event, held on the last Friday of the month, that is always an entertaining time. Industrial/EBM music, chicks in latex corsets, cheap booze, afterparties with half-naked women in hot tubs… I really couldn’t ask for more than that. The Halloween Spectral, though, is even better. The girls dress way sexier. Halloween is like an 80’s Metal Concert… it’s an excuse for women to dress as slutty as possible. The only down-side to this celebration of sinful behavior is that it’s in Augusta, and that’s a long drive back at 4am. Usually I ride with CSI-Guy and we keep each other awake, but this month he’ll be visiting CSI-Girl in Germany, so I’ll be flying solo.
Z-Day looks to be lots of good-natured fun. There won’t be any industrial music or hotties in corsets (Wow, can you imagine the sheer hotness of a zombie-chick in a corset? lol), but there will be a significantly shorter drive home afterwards. Plus, I could take a toy chainsaw with me and play the part of the Zombie Move Hero. The possibilities are endless.
Or, maybe I could just settle for a quiet evening at the Saucer.
Why would I consider such a tame alternative? Because I made the mistake of agreeing to help Gamer Prime’s family move on Saturday morning. I imagine it would be very difficult to go to bed at 6am, wake up at 9am, and be an effective mover. Not only that, but I’ve also double-booked myself on parties Saturday night. Not since the days of having a steady girlfriend have I ever managed to be such a social butterfly.
Sometimes I think that this desire to become an extrovery is going to kill me.

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