Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe…

The State newspaper ran a story today about the growing trend of American families adopting children from other countries instead of American children. According to their numbers, the number has tripled in the past ten years. The subtitle of the story is “Practice leaves some wondering whether U.S. kids in foster system are forgotten.” To those “some” who are “wondering,” let me clear up your confusion.
These children are not forgotten. They are protected to the point of absurdity. Our domestic adoption agencies will investigate every miniscule detail of the prospective parents, and base their decision on what they believe is the child’s best interest. Please don’t misunderstand me, though, I think these (or any, for that matter) children should be protected. There are plenty of sick fucks out there. I just don’t agree that anyone can really determine how good a parent will be until they’ve been given a chance.
Also, in America, we give too many rights to the birth-mother, who can change her mind at any time during the adoption process. Even worse, there are several documented cases where the birth-mother sued for custody after the adoption was final. This is something that will only happy in our litigious (read “sue-happy”) society. Adopting a child from China, which is the most common supplier of foreign adoptions to the U.S., avoids all of the worry over this situation. In my opinion, once a woman has decided to give up her child, she should be held to that decision at all costs.
Rather than wondering if our own orphaned children are being forgotten, maybe we should be wondering if our respect for personal rights might be a little too lenient. Personal rights, I remind you, which are not expressly guaranteed by our beloved Constitution. But that is a completely different rant, isn’t it?

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  1. stuckey, don’t even get me started. if i’m ever president or first lady, i will push so hard for adoption reform in this country! it is so screwed up.

    my mom’s cousin, Trisha, can’t have children. she and her husband tried for YEARS to get pregnant. but unfortunately, by the time they decided to look into adoption, they were deemed TOO OLD at about age 40.

    have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your life?? too old to love a child. how effing crazy is that? if they had a kid naturally, no one would say anything to them except maybe some Tony Randall jokes.

    did i mention that Trisha’s husband probably makes a 6-digit salary? Yeah. They would have loved that kid so much. Yet they were never provided with the opportunity. They are stuck giving all their love to their dogs and the foreign exchange students that stay with them.

    it breaks my heart that these American kids are stuck in foster care their entire childhoods. that is no way for them to grow up. i think that even the old-school orphanages are better than the foster care system, wher most people do it for the money.

    i know it’s no better to have orphaned foreign kids, but it just seems that we should be helping our own kids before foreigners’ kids. but the way the system is structured, childless couples have no other choice.

    don’t get me started, stuckey.

  2. As I’ve been saying for the past year… Vote Stuckey for president in 2012. No one will ever need worry over an election again after that.

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