Thursday’s Child has far to go…

A local news station, WLTX, released a story today which needs comment. I know I’m cynical. I know that I expect the worst of people. But this story absolutely blew my mind:
An 11-year-old girl boarded her North Side Middle School bus with a steak knife in her bag, and murderous intent in her heart. She intended to follow through on a threat she had made to a 13-year-old classmate. If I’m forced to see the bright side of this story, I can only say that it’s good to see a child willing to keep their word and see a project to its completion.
Now, I like to think I had some hard times in my childhood. My mother could tell you several stories of my childhood (sometimes two or three times if she’s been hitting the wine… Love you, Mom!) that paint me as a diminutive criminal, and I can’t really argue with her about it. But never, not once, did I ever consider murder as a solution to any of my childhood problems.
Because of this, I can not relate to this child’s thought process at all.
I can only hope that she is mentally ill, and this is due to some chemical imbalance beyond her control. I don’t believe that, however, and expect that this child knew exactly what she was doing, as well as the permanency of death.
What could possibly be the explanation for this behavior? What will happen from here? Who will be the first to refuse to accept responsibility for this? Stay tuned, readers…

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Child has far to go…”

  1. i was just talking with a coworker about this the other day–how people resort to weapons and violence to solve these minor problems in their life.

    now we hear stories in the news all the time about how person A insulted/picked on person B. Then person B kills them.


    i have a news flash for all the person Bs of the world: sometime in your life, someone is going to pick on you. and say mean things to you. it happens to everyone.

    when did violence become the logical solution? whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones…”???

    now, if you try and take someone’s girlfriend, you get shot. you pick on a kid, he throws on a trench coat and grabs a semi-automatic.

    what is wrong with us??? can we at least just go back to old-school fist fights in the parking lot? at least then no one got killed!

    people nowadays have this feeling that they are so important, how DARE anyone insult them or offend them. who do people think they are? good grief. key their car and be done with it, you know?

    very very few things in this life are worth dying for. and it sure as hell ain’t anyone’s pride. that’s just barbaric.

  2. It’s because people today are part of this “It’s not my fault” society. Anything they do can be blamed on anything else, thus making them free to do whatever they feel like.

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