Bible-Thumping Gone Terribly, Terribly Wrong

It’s time for another quasi-political commentary from Stuckey. CNN had a story today that made bile well up in my throat. As usual, rather than swallow this bile, I decide to spit it out onto my keyboard. The story is about a group of bikers, known as the Patriot Guard Riders, who drive all over to show respect at the funerals of our soldiers who have fallen in Iraq. This isn’t the part that upsets me. The part that upsets me is the REASON they do this. They attend these funerals to drown out the flock of a man named Reverend Fred Phelps. Phelps leads a group of morons to these protests because he claims that God is killing our soldiers because we are fighting on behalf of a country that shelters homosexuals.
Let’s make sure I understand this. Iraq shelters homosexuals. God doesn’t like homosexuals. So God kills the men and women who defend Iraq. What version of the Bible did this fuckwit read? Wouldn’t he just blow Iraq up himself like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah?
The protesters attend these funerals and commence with shouting vulgarities at the mourners, holding signs that proclaim their infinite ignorance (Examples read “God is an American Terrorist” and “Thank God for dead soldiers”), and basically embarassing the Baptist community. (Visit this link to see examples of the protesters in all their redneck splendor.) The bikers attend to shield the bereaved families from having to see this crap. Tremendous points for these bike-riding angels. At the end of this game of life, I think they’re going to win.
I hate to make this rant, like the last one, focus on religious zealots who have no grip on reality. I believe in God. I try to abide by the Big Ten every day of my life. I try like Hell to love my neighbor. But when my neighbor is holding a sign that reads “Fags die God laughs,” it’s hard to turn the other cheek. It’s hard not to cast stones.
Fred Phelps, a disbarred lawyer and Baptist preacher, isn’t new to the media spotlight. Before Iraq, he sent his flock forth to protest at the funerals of AIDS victims. Most unfortunately for those families, no group had thought to organize a counter-protest to drown them out.
Phelps revels in the hate he’s generating. He’s on record saying, “If you’re preaching the truth of God, people are going to hate you. Nobody has the right to think he’s preaching the truth of God unless people hate him for it. All the prophets were treated that way.”
Well, Prophet Phelps, let me say that I don’t want whatever religion you’re selling. I love my God just fine. I look forward to shaking hands with those bikers when I meet them in Heaven.

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