When It Rains…

Last Thursday, I got an email from an ex-supervisor. She was writing to let me know about the company she was working for now, and a position that they had open. Now I find it incredibly flattering when an old boss calls to offer me a job, It shows just how well they thought of me. The job, though, would require travelling almost every single week, Monday through Friday. While the pay was very nice, (I mean, like very very nice.) it would mean I would only be in Columbia for about 10 days a month. I can’t decide whether or not I’m up for that.
The job would be going to assisted living facilities (old-folks’ homes), setting up an in-house monitoring system for those little medic-alert bracelets, and training the staff on how it works. It would be a fun job, and it would get me back into a “hands-on” role, which I’m good at.
The Pros: The money is incredible. It’s about the same base pay, but they pay overtime, and there’s a lot of overtime on these installs. I did the math and it would roughly come out to an increase of about 40%. This would be more than enough to get me out of debt within a year. It’s a job I would enjoy. It’s for a company recently purchased by Phillips-Magnavox, so the benefits would be nice. My supervisor would be one of the few bosses I’ve had that I enjoyed working with.
The Cons: I’d be on the road more than I’d be home. I would have no reason to keep my house. Of course, if I sold the house, where would I sleep when I was back in town? My weekends would be hectic. After a full week of working overtime every day, I’d try to squeeze all of my friends into two days. That doesn’t sound appealing. Where would I fit in the chance to meet new people? If I did manage to meet someone new, where would I find the time to cultivate a relationship with them while at the same time keep my friends happy?
Right now, I’m leaning heavily towards turning it down in as polite a manner as possible. It’s not all about money. While I would like doing the job, I think the travel would get old very quickly.
I realized that I was leaning this way this morning, though I told myself I’d give it some more thought throughout the day. Once I had this realization, however, I received a phone call from one of the offices that I previously supported. Actually, it was from a recruiting office that this office requested call me. They have a job they want me to apply for, a supervisory job that will still allow for hands-on fixing. The pay probably won’t be much of an increase, but it would be a Columbia-based job with very little travel. I agreed to interview for it.
So in one month, I found a new job which I enjoy and I’ve had an ex-boss and an ex-customer both call to offer me jobs. After two years of being stuck in a job that made me miserable, it makes me want to laugh. Where were these guys when I needed them most? And then I sit back and think about that, and I realize that they’ve been there all along. I turned down three outside jobs during my tenure in support, because my manage had kept promising me better things if I stayed. (Foolish me, I never got any of those promises in writing.)
If nothing else, this experience has taught me that I’m still marketable, and if I ever find myself unhappy in the workplace, I can leave. Just knowing that I’m not going to feel trapped ever again is worth it.

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