No More Mister Nice Guy

I got some feedback yesterday about my rant on bad drivers (and a movie suggestion for a movie that I’d forgotten I’d wanted to see. Thanks!) that paraphrased my statement. In my rant, I had said that I wasn’t violent enough to run these jerks off the road, but in my feedback, it was phrased that I was “too nice” to do it.
While I’m sure she meant nothing by it, it put my brain on the tracks to today’s rant. When I read the words, even though I have no designs on this girl outside of conversation about music and anime, I cringed. “Nice” is a word that I hate to be called. Why is that? I’ll tell you.
Women don’t want nice guys.
How many times have I heard some frustrated, eligible female ask, “Where are all the nice men hiding?” Enough times to be absolutely sick of hearing it. You never hear a man ask where all the nice women are hiding. That’s because a man knows that there are good women all over the place. (I’m replacing “nice” with “good” because they’re interchangable in this case.) The problem is that women have a greater luxury in being picky than men do.
I consider myself to be one of the good men. I’m smart, funny, and faithful. I’m not a perfect ten in the looks department, maybe a six), so I don’t expect women to be beating down my door. But to hear them complain about the lack of good men has simply become intolerable. I’m not going to take it anymore, so I’m calling all you single women out.
You don’t want nice guys. You want nice guys that are hot, and college educated, and financially stable, and romantic, and…
You get my point. Don’t try and deny it, either. Every woman that has complained to me about the lack of good men has immediately run out and gotten into a relationship with a bad one. When told that they did this, they leap to the defense of this jerk, as if he were some saint. Months later, when the relationship falls apart, they come back only to complain again.
I’m sick of it. The next woman that complains to me about this is getting a spanking.

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