I woke up yesterday morning at 5:00 in the morning. Voluntarily. What would possess a nocturnal creature like myself to do such a thing? I hate mornings. I’m the anti-morning person. I’m the guy at work that people avoid until noon because I growl at them.
I woke up that early to watch the sunrise. I’ve only watched the sunrise twice before in life. The first time was while I was camping in the mountains, and I sat on the mountainside with an unobstructed view of the horizon over the trees. Words can’t describe how beautiful it was, so I’m not going to try.
The second sunrise I witnessed was with a very close friend of mine from Clemson. We had finished our exams and stayed up all night to celebrate. We ended up at a Waffle House in Greenville at around three in the morning and we were talking about romance and how women expect more than men offer. She had mentioned that she had always wanted a man to watch the sunrise with her. Rather than driving back to campus, I drove east until we hit the ocean. We sat on the shore and watched the sun come up over the water, and I’m not going to try and describe that either.
Yesterday, though, the horizon was botched with clutter, and no clear view of the sun would be found. It was a little disappointing. I knew it would be like this before I woke myself up, though. I wanted to watch the sun rise because of the significance of the day. Yesterday was the first day of my new job.
Two weeks ago, I had interviewed for an internal position here and was offered the job as a lateral move. I turned it down, since we get hardly any money as an annual increase and a lateral move would trap me in the new position for a year before I could apply for a job higher up the ladder. They came back at me last Friday with a counter. It wasn’t a lot more money, but I took it. They told me I’d start immediately.
I was lucky, though. As soon as I’d turned it down the first time, I regretted it. My job was making me miserable. I was completely unhappy. I’ve always said that my career won’t be centered on money, but on how happy I am. Not a day went by that I didn’t have to convince myself not to call in sick. So when the counter offer was made, I didn’t haggle any more.
So far, my new job seems like fun. There are a lot of meetings, which I’m no fan of, but the two I’ve attended seemed to be productive. People listened. People gave input. People came up with solutions. Aside from the meetings, there’s been a lot of training. Today I’m shadowing Baby (one of the Winners of the Rat Race), who is now my co-worker. My other two co-workers are Grandma and WorkMom. Grandma is a sweet old lady who is of an age that people would’ve expected her to retire. She’s been super nice in getting me situated. WorkMom is a trainer, which is part of what I’ll be doing, and has also been incredibly nice. She also mentioned how beautiful and single her daughters are. (And showed me pictures… SMOKING HOT!)
I think I’m going to like it at my new job. I think I’m going to like it a lot. So yesterday’s sunrise turns out to be more beautiful that I’d thought. It will never be the most beautiful, but it’s certainly in the top three. *grin*

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