Coming Out of the Closet

No, I’m not about to announce that I’m gay. It’s a much darker closet than homosexuality. (This statement is made in jest, and not meant to belittle the struggles that homosexuals face. If you’re gay and you laughed, that’s awesome. If you got angry, go read someone else’s blog.)
My name is Stuckey, and I am a gamer.
The word can have several connotations, but all of them have the same meaning: One who plays games. The real question on someone’s mind when they hear this confession is what kind of games do I play.
I do not play head games, such as the various little things and tricks done in a relationship to test the other half of the couple, though I bet I would be very good at those games.
Video games, then? Of course I play video games. Doesn’t everybody? Why would I be embarassed about that?
The games that I play can be found only on the internet and in niche stores, such as Heroes and Dragons on Bush River Road. Strategy board games. Miniature war games. Role-playing games. Yes, I said role-playing games. You know, like Dungeons & Dragons, the game that makes you go insane, start worshipping the devil, and hack your parents into tiny bits while they sleep? The games that require you dress up in real armor and run out into the woods to fight with your friends?
It’s not like that at all, really. I’m not saying those types of gamers don’t exist. There is no shortage of freaks in the world. But my friends and I don’t dress up for this, we don’t sacrifice any livestock, and we don’t take it too seriously. It’s just one night a week (Monday) that we get together and hang out for four hours. Most of that time is spent making lewd jokes, laughing at said jokes, and just talking about random stuff.
Role-playing is more fun to me than reading, and I absolutely love reading. With an RPG, it’s like you’re writing a story as you go, and since I like to write, it’s no wonder that this hobby appeals to me. While Monday nights find me sitting around the table with several meat and bones friends, Thursday nights are a different story.
Thursday evenings will find me sitting in front of my computer screen, running a program that allows me to voice-talk with several other guys on their respective computers. It’s also running a game called Everquest 2. If I were to say that the friends I play with on Thursday nights were’t also meat-and-bones friends, I’d be lying. I’ve been to their houses and talked with them on the phone, despite the fact that they live in other states. The Wrecking Crew (As we six friends call ourselves) is as much a part of my circle of friends as my friends here in Columbia.
So now you know what it is that I previously did not speak about to outsiders. I’ve come out of the closet, which was actually just a game room, and I feel as though a tremendous weight has been lifted.
And if anyone bumps into a gnome named Berix, be sure to chide him for making me sleep on his couch last night without offering me a blanket. It was FREEZING! (But I’ll save the details of that little vacation for another entry)

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