Stuck on the Scene – Jillian’s

Jillian’s. It’s the downscaled version of Dave & Buster’s that offers all your night-spots in one building. You can eat dinner, drink, dance, play video games, or play pool. In Charlotte, you can even go bowling in Jillian’s, from what I hear. It’s also a sausage-fest. In all fairness, I’m basing this proclamation solely on the four hours I spent there last night with Team Richardson and MusicMan. (Musicman is a previously unnamed friend, but he’s the guy I make my trips to Augusta with.)
We met for dinner at 7:00, and had the typical dinner conversation about relationships (it has become an ongoing theme, I guess) and such. XY asked me what my type was, so he could keep his eye out for me. I looked around to point a few out, and noticed that there was a distinct lack of double-X chromosomes in the place. Luckily, the trivia hostess fit the profile, so I pointed her out with a nod for emphasis and said, “Yes.” There were about five other women, three of which I pointed to and said, “No.” One was a Maybe, and the other was another Yes.
We finished dinner (which was pretty decent food) and moved to a pool table to park for the evening. We also sent XX over to the Trivia Goddess with every question. The combination of pool, beer, and a good time were too much for my willpower. I bought a pack of Camel Lights for $5.50. Considering that every month, Camel Lights run a buy two-for-one special at regular price ($3.00), I realize that I may not be stronger that cigarettes. I also realized, though, that it isn’t nicotine that I’m addicted to. I’m just a fidgety guy who needs something to do with his hands. (And until they legalize random groping in public, I think smoking is a better option. Or maybe I’ll move to Japan, where it’s socially acceptable to grope strangers.) But back to my review of the evening…
Team Richardson sucks at pool. We played ten games, and they only won one game. I’m no shark, though. Musicman carried our team for most of the evening. (Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol does not make one play better pool.) At the end of the evening, we came in third place in the trivia contest, which meant free appetizers and apparently free pool. So I guess we’ll have to come back to cash in those appetizers.
All in all, I give Jillian’s some decent marks, as long as you aren’t there shopping for a woman. If you’re a woman, though, this might be an ideal spot to go to find a guy, since they were there in abundance. The food is good, they have a decent selection of beer, and pool tables are always a plus. The music was Top 40 stuff, which isn’t my thing, but I’ll forgive it. I was there for the good company anyway.
Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going outside for a cigarette.

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