What This Town Needs…

I love the “What This Town Needs” articles found on www.columbiatunes.com, so I figured I’d throw one out there.
10) Dave & Busters
If you’ve been to Atlanta, you may have hit this place. It’s like Jillian’s, only better
9) A lake that stays full
Fix the dam already. Stop lowering and raising the water. We like boats.
8) Better sound people for local music
I’m sorry if this steps on anyone’s toes, but I’ve come to expect live music in Columbia to have too-loud instruments drowning out vocals.
7) A non USC sports team
They ran out the Bombers, and they’re making the Inferno miserable. Why does college ball have to be the only game in town?
6) An Industrial music scene
The closest thing I’ve seen is the Pitch Black nights at the Art Bar. While I like the music, I want something harder and angrier, like at Spectral Erosa in Augusta. If anyone knows of something, please drop a comment
5) More live music
You can never have too much
4) Less hotels, more houses
We have a lot of homeless families here, and I’d rather see cheap housing (and more jobs) come around than new hotels everywhere I look.
3) A better way to get from here to there
Our bus system needs bigger routes, better schedules, and cleaner seats. I’d love to see a subway or an el-train, but what are the odds of that happening?
2) More big name shows
Why do we have to drive to Charlotte or Atlanta to see big names?
1) Less sensitivity, more tolerance
This isn’t about one specific intolerance, but the widespread and open smack-talking about other groups of people. I’m not saying everyone needs to like each other. I’m just saying everyone needs to let it go and keep their mouths shut so we can live in peace.

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