“Let’s just be Friends…”

It’s a busy day for blogging. (That means not-so-busy day at work.)
I was wrong. There is some juicy post-date gossip, after all. I’ve been TFZ’ed. (I’ve been placed in The Friend Zone.) As often as it happens, I can’t say that I’m surprised. I can’t hold it against Jabbers. She’s too damn friendly to be upset with. To use her words, “We just didn’t click in person.” To paraphrase, there was no spark.
This mythical spark is something I don’t understand. I think I may have understood it at one point or another, and probably even had it a time or two, but not now. People talk about feeling the spark right away, part of that whole ‘love at first sight’ story. My father told my mother when they met that he was going to marry her. While it sounds like a cheesy pick-up line, I think my father believed it. (And with good reason, I guess.) People also talk about the spark vanishing. The spark dies, and the relationship ends.
So if the spark can die, doesn’t it make sense that it can be created? Couldn’t you wait and see if it flickers to life? I’m not going to press the issue with Jabbers, because I agree that there wasn’t a spark. If it flickers to life over the course of a friendship, fine. If not, I won’t be disappointed. I guess I just don’t assign people into a ‘friend category’ without the stipulation that they may develop into something bigger later on. I’m not, however, keeping these folks around with the hopes that one of them will. That is the path to the Dark Side.
The situation has me thinking, though. What is it about me, really, that makes me a great friend, and gets me categorized so easily? Maybe I should type up a survey and distribute it to all the women I know. Or maybe I should call all my ex-girlfiends up (after getting completely intoxicated, of course) and ask them what went wrong. It could make for a good book, I think, and I’ve always wanted to be a writer.
I’ll have to give it some serious thought at some point. But for now, I think I’m going to continue to enjoy life and not get too serious about anything.

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