Juicy Gossip… or Lack Thereof

Everyone always wants the juicy gossip after the first date, so I’m hear to deliver the bad news. There’s no juicy gossip. No steamy kiss. No wild sex. No electrical tape. (Inside joke) So I guess I can say the first date was a success.
It was a typical first date for me. I had to acclimate myself to allowing this other person in my personal bubble, which took all of five seconds. Jabbers is the sort of person to make friends wherever she goes (like the furniture store, for example). We went to El Monterrey and had dinner, and then we sat in the booth talking for over two hours. She hadn’t slept in a long, long time, and it started to show as the time passed. I had slept fine, but I was getting tired myself, so we wrapped it up and agreed that we’d do it again.
Now, I said it was a typical first date. This means that I was quiet, for the most part. I did talk, and I had my share of stories to tell, but the bulk of the conversation came from her lungs. (This is typical even when my nickname for the girl wouldn’t be something like Jabbers.) Also, I’m sort of easily distracted. When someone walks through the front door, I glance over to see who it is. When the volume of the television changes, I glance up to see why. I don’t stop paying attention to the person I’m with, I just listen while I look elsewhere. This, combined with my lack of talking, makes me appear disinterested.
So maybe I should rethink my dating strategy. (Wow… I didn’t even know I had a strategy until now. Or maybe that’s the problem.) Should I make myself more talkative? I can’t see an advantage to this since I would end up talking about things that are trivial. Do I want to appear pensive, or scatter-brained? Tough call. The distractions, though, might be a factor I can handle. I’ll have to be more choosy about location. No place with a television, for starters. The volume changes with every commercial break, and that means me looking away every ten minutes. I’ll also have to seat myself so that I’m facing away from the door, maybe a corner booth with my facing the wall. I just don’t know. Maybe I’m meant to be a boring date to make people appreciate the more interesting ones. 🙂

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