All My Exes – Addendum

I gave the history of Stuckey’s relationships, but not what I learned from them. So without further ado, here is what I gained from my failures:
1) If you find someone who knows all your faults and still chooses to be with you, you don’t walk away from them. For every person who will accept you despite your faults, there are a thousand who will not.
2) If you find someone who makes you happy in every way, assume that you take everything about them for granted. Odds are high that you do. There’s no reason to search for another one just to confirm this. Have faith.
3) Sex is great, but a relationship can’t be built on it, can’t be saved by it, and can’t be mentioned at dinner conversation when your parents are asking you what you see in this person.
4) Friendship is the foundation that will keep a relationship going forever. Lust and looks will fade over time, and all you’re left with is company and conversation.
5) The easiest way to find someone is not to look for them.

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