Recap of the Week; Preview of the Weekend

How can I describe this week? It sucked, it was awesome, and it’s not even over yet.
Sunday, I woke up in a foul mood. There was no reason behind it that I can name, it was just general grumpiness. I have these moods every so often, and it sometimes makes me wonder if I’m bipolar (manic depressive) or something like that. If I was a female, I might be able to blame it on PMS. Do men have emotional cycles? Who knows? (Well, I’m sure some scientist somewhere knows, and probably wrote a paper on it… but (s)he didn’t send me a copy, so I’m left guessing.) Monday I was called for an interview for a job I applied for last week. Monday night I did my usual ‘hang out with the friends’ thing and it lightened my mood a bit.
The job interview was Tuesday morning, and it went incredibly well. I actually put on my suit, (which, according to everyone in the office, looked absolutely awesome) took out my earring, and resisted the urge to shave my head. (My hair is getting happy, and it’s time to get the razor out before my grey patch becomes more noticeable.) I had all the answers. I felt incrediblly confident, which is pretty rare after an interview. Tuesday night, I celebrated by cleaning up my garage to make space for the weight bench, which still remains unassembled. (Maybe I can buy some Guinness and con Steve into swinging by this weekend to help with that.)
Wednesday was back in the funk. It wasn’t quite as bad as Sunday, but I was still feeling pretty anti-social, so I stayed in and watched the first disc of ‘The Office’ (The British sitcom). It’s a pretty funny show, and I was in a better mood by bedtime.
Thursday I woke up in a good mood, came into work, and listened to a voicemail from the recruiter about the job I’d interviewed for. I didn’t get it. He said that my resume and application was great, and that the manager made some extremely positive notes about my interview skills, but they offered the job to a candidate with more experience. On top of that, the hiring manager that interviewed me called just to tell me that he was very impressed, and didn’t want me to feel like I messed anything up. So it was a mixed emotion. I really wanted the job, but I appreciated the fact that I was complimented. The rest of the day was spent shooting rubberbands at my co-workers, and accidentally locking one of their jackets in my desk and being unable to unlock it. Giggles (the jacket-less co-worker, who I call Giggles because she’s the easiest laugh on the planet) was not giggling.
Thursday night, I disassembled my desk to rescue the jacket. I called Giggles and drove it out to to her while she and her girls were shopping at Wal-Mart. Her girls are friggin adorable. I’m a big fan of kids, but these two angels are the best. So we walked around Wal-Mart for a short while and I played with the kids. I ended up buying a box of 96 crayons (which is now the prominent feature on my otherwise boring office desk) and a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to bring in to share with my co-workers. I left Wal-Mart in a great mood (playing with kids does that to me) and came home to make a phone call.
I’m going to name this girl Jabbers, because she can talk. (I certainly don’t mean that in a bad way.) This is another girl that the friend who gave me the phone number set me up with. She basically threw her email address my way, and then pointed her to my blog. So Jabbers read a few entires and then sent me a MySpace message from her cousin’s account. I reply by sending her an email, and we went back and forth a bit leading up to the phone call. Now, I have to say I hate the phone. A phone conversation should have an objective, and should take no longer than five minutes:
Stuckey: Hello
Caller: It’s me. Wanna go drinking tonight?
Stuckey: Yup. You drive, cuz I’m gettin’ tore up. Pick me up in five.
Caller: Will do.   *click*
That’s an ideal phone call to me. Some of my female friends (*cough Felecia*) talk longer, and meander, and then realize that I’ve already tuned them out so they wrap up, but even those calls only last five minutes or so.
So I call Jabbers, and she and I talk for over two hours. I mean, I have to run to my bedroom and plug in my phone so it stops beeping about the battery dying. This wasn’t a typical long conversation, where I was doing something else while I was talking. This was honest-to-God back and forth and that’s all I was doing. (Ok, she talks more than me, but I was talking back.) She’s an interesting girl, and I look forward to calling her again.
Today has been pretty rough. Two of the four people on my team weren’t at work, and we were pretty busy for a Friday. (Fridays are notoriously slow, because most of our clients aren’t open on Fridays. Lousy doctors!) My morning brightened up when Jabbers gave me a call, though, and it’s been pretty good since then. Tonight I’m going down to Augusta for some cheap liquor and awesome tunes (spun at the hands of DJ Triskyl). It’s the Halloween bash at a goth/industrial music fest in a gay bar. I think the events that transpire tonight will be most blog-worthy…

And, just to satisfy my curiosity, I’ve noticed that get a crap-ton of views on my blog. Like, way more than I have friends. How are you guys finding this thing?

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