Am I Too Old for This?

Friday night me and a couple of friends went down to Augusta for a night of alcohol, music, and good times. We went to this little gay bar (no, we’re not) called Club Argos to see DJ Triskyl spin some rocking EBM/Industrial music. They have this great bargain at the bar where you can buy a plastic cup for $8, and get all the house-liquor you can drink for the night.
The music was awesome. Triskyl always spins the best music in the area, and Friday was no exception. The guest DJ, Evelfaery (sp?), also played an amazing night. My plastic cup was filled and emptied several times over, and by the time we closed the club, I’d had just under ten screwdrivers. I’m a big guy, so I was still able to walk and talk, but that’s a lot of alcohol even for me.
We leave the club and head to the afterparty, which is a small gathering of some of the regulars. (Our music may be full of anger, pain, and hate, but I have to say that these are some of the nicest, most gracious, people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.) Apparently Triskyl had a birthday, and he received two bottles of liquor as presents. So there was more drinking here, though I limited myself to a bottle of beer.
We had alot of fun, but it was creeping close to 6:00am, and we still had a 90-minute drive to get home. We said our goodbyes and thank-yous, and gracefully packed into the car for a side-trip to Waffle House. Coffee was a high priority for all of us, and I needed some food in my stomach to absorb some of the toxins I’d been partaking of all night.
We hit Columbia, and my house, just after 7:00 and I hit the bed within a minute of that. (I did remember to drink a full glass of water and pop two Ibuprofren first.) 1:00pm rolls around, and I wake up and stumble out of bed.
I swear to God, as my feet hit the floor and I stood up, someone grabbed my house and lifted it up on its side. So, in response to gravity, I stumbled to the wall and held on for dear life. For any of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… I woke up and I was still drunk.
This sort of behavior, for me, was pretty common in college, but not so much since then. Am I too old for this now? Was I irresponsible? I didn’t drive myself. I didn’t make a fool of myself. (Well, I did dance a little bit… but I blame the music for that, not the booze.) I didn’t hit on random strangers. I actually remember the night… and it was fun.
“You’re only as old as you feel,” the saying says. Well Friday night, I felt young again. And I paid for that youthful evening with a Saturday and Sunday full of lying about on the couch watching movies.
Whether I’m too old for it or not, I’m looking forward to next month.

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