Release the Hounds!

The hunt is on. I’ve given up on Her. (See Her, 2005) After much thought, I’m forced to accept that there is no perfect woman. Besides, I’m not a perfect man. If I were, I probably would’ve met Her already, or would’ve come to this conclusion earlier.
So let the games begin!
Despite my bravado, I’m not looking forward to this at all. The whole concept of getting out there and meeting new people terrifies me. I’ll be out there with the “real people,” and they’re animals.
The internet is a safe place where anonymity can protect you from the hurt. The people on the internet aren’t as “real.” It’s too easy to distance yourself, and too easy for people to paint a picture of themselves that isn’t who they are. Relationships started on the internet are, for the most part, doomed to failure.
Funny enough, the club scene is almost just as unreal. I’ve found that clubs are great for meeting someone, creating a persona to fit the desires of someone else, and hooking up with someone you never plan to see again. You really don’t start relationships in clubs, either.
So where do you meet your future wife or husband? Where did our parents meet? My parents were introduced by a common friend, and they seem to be happy together. Blind dates are just WAY too awkward for me, though. Two strangers forced into a setting together. Maybe it’d be easier if it was just a group of friends hanging out and the two strangers were introduced then, with no prior expectations. One of my friend’s parents met in college, and they’re still happily married today. I’m done with school, though, and don’t really want to go back. A friend of mine suggested church as a good place to meet women. While I am a very spiritual person, and consider myself a Christian, I’ve been turned off by the concept of organized religion. It’d be hypocritical of me to go to Church and pretend to be someone I’m not.
So I’m out of ideas. I’ve tried other avenues. There was a social club that was pretty clique-ish. A book club full of people pretending to be intellectuals, while really just looking for an excuse to drink lots of wine.
Personally, I think that the best, longest-lasting relationships are the ones that form between two people who are already friends. They have that solid foundation to build something on, and to fall back on when they’re too old for sex to be a safe pastime. All my friends of the female persuasion happen to be married, though.
So what’s the plan? I guess it’s something like:
1) Get out there
2) Meet new people.
3) Form friendships.
4) See if any of those evolve into something bigger.
Looks easy enough on paper. We’ll see how it goes in practice.
If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the Art Bar tomorrow night.
Wish me luck.

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